Excerpt from our customer list

Ascom (Switzerland) AG l Ergopraxis near the train station l Swiss Post l eCH E-Government Standards l Federal Department of Civil Protection and Sport DDPS l armasuisse l Army Staff A Staff l Management Support Base FUB l Information and property security IOS l Logistics Base of the Army LBA l Federal Office of Topography swisstopo l Federal Department of Finance FDF l Federal Office for Information Technology and Telecommunications FOITT l Federal Tax Administration FTA l Federal IT Strategy Unit FITSU l Federal Department of Justice and Police FDJPD l Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) l Federal Office of Police (fedpol) l Federal .Department of Economic Affairs FDEA l Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG l Holcim (Switzerland) AG l Canton of Lucerne l KKL Luzern Management AG l Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG l MediData AG l Swiss Federal Railways SBB l Sunrise Communications AG l Suval l Swisscom (Switzerland) AG l Privatklinik Wyss AG l Zurich Switzerland

The information provided by our customers is treated confidentially. For specific reference information please contact us.

Examples of our activities

In the role of quality manager, the planning and implementation of the application and interface tests were part of the scope of duties in addition to the timely provision of the delivery results and documents.

As consultants for the evaluation of the new communication system, we analyzed all of the customer's specialist areas and relevant processes. The actual analysis and possible solutions were presented to the management and then the specifications were drawn up. The benefit analysis of the offers received, supplemented by supplier presentations and reference visits, led to the evaluation decision.

Management of the sub-project security of the ICT platform to be implemented. The platform is based on new products such as Windows Vista and allows the processing of classified information on the customer network. Development and implementation of the security concept.

Planning and implementation of an audit to review the previously defined processes and roles for the rollout of the new IT jobs. The consolidated results served as the basis for developing a catalog of measures.