From security issues, to the frontiers of technology, and the solutions...

...Avataris can help you from idea to solution.

We analyze your security needs and work with you to develop protective measures to move from the current risk situation to a defined, higher security level. In doing so, we operate in the area of ​​tension between security technology, organizational measures, physical protection and cost-effectiveness. Since every ICT project increases the number of security gaps, a security concept must be an integral part of the planning. A later implementation causes a multiple of effort and costs. Unfortunately, it is not enough to implement a security concept and then leave it at that. IT security is a dynamic process, because security has to be constantly reconsidered, refined and adjusted. Third-party verification should also be included.
Our services:
  • Analyzing the risk situation and designing security measures
  • Evaluate manufacturer-neutral security systems and products
  • Creation of security concepts for information and data protection
  • Development of individual security solutions based on standards
  • Creation of security policies
  • Design and implement new security processes
  • Transfer of know-how to employees
  • implementation of the measures
  • Support in every phase, up to a possible certification

Further information on this subject can be found in our IT security fact sheet . We look forward to your contact request.