Through smooth migration to IP-based telephony...

...Avataris supports you from the idea to the solution

We recommend ourselves as your architect and neutral consultant in the complex environment of telecommunications. Many projects in this area do not run optimally today and do not provide the desired added value. The solution horizon is often massively restricted due to strong product loyalty. There is no such thing as the best product or the best technology, only the optimal solution for your individual needs. We bring years of experience in conventional, as well as IP-based telephony and can optimally combine these two worlds for you. Through a detailed analysis of your environment, we develop your specific requirement profile. Focused on the essential factors, we contribute to a tailor-made solution and your business success.
Our services:
  • Analysis of the existing systems, costs and processes
  • Assessment of the ICT infrastructure for VoIP readiness
  • Develop specific requirements
  • Develop concepts for Quality of Service (QoS) and data security
  • Development of solution approaches and proposals
  • Development of open source solutions for testing and comparison purposes
  • Development of specifications and tender documents
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of pilot tests
  • Planning and coordination of the IPT migration
  • System acceptance support
  • Overall or partial project management
  • Customized seminars and workshops

You can find more information on this subject in our IP Telephony fact sheet . We look forward to your contact request.