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The classic telephone is increasingly merging into the world of information technology and data communication. The development of IP-based voice communication offers new possibilities to support your business processes even more efficiently. However, this trend also brings many new, sometimes surprising, terms and abbreviations into circulation. Collaboration , Unified Messaging or Presence Management , just to name a few. Not infrequently, such buzzwords only describe well-known telephony functions and propagate them in a new packaging as new or even revolutionary.

Avataris summarizes all these old and new, conventional or IP-based options under the term Business Communication .
Step by step from conventional to integrated

Providers are flooding the market with new developments. However, the best solution for your company is often not the best individual product, but the one that can be most elegantly integrated into your existing system environment.

For more information on this subject, see our Business Communication factsheet . We look forward to your contact request